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Registered Education Savings Plans

Boost your child's education savings with a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP).

Help pay for post-secondary education and get great incentives


Savings grow tax-free

Don't pay tax on the interest made on your investment until the money is used for post-secondary education. 

Flexible options

  • No minimum contribution amount
  • Help fund full or part-time studies
  • Multiple investment products available 

Watch your savings grow

Set up regular automatic-deposits to grow your RESP faster and take advantage of the Canadian Education Savings Grant (CESG).
Information on applying for a SIN can be obtained from a Service Canada Centre or on the government site.
Meet with a Northern Savings team member and talk about which RESP is right for you! 
The government of Canada provides free money on contributions to RESP beneficiaries in the form of incentives to assist parents, families and friends save for post-secondary education. Incentives are paid to the RESP based on the amount of your contribution and limits imposed by the government.
The CESG provides grants to all RESP contributors, regardless of income, until the beneficiary reaches the age of 17. The CESG provides 20% on the first $2,500 in annual contributions up to a maximum of $500 per year per beneficiary. Learn more >
The CLB program provides families that receive the National Child Benefit Supplement a $500 bond to an RESP. Families will also receive a $100 bond instalment until age 15 for each year their family is entitled to the supplement. The great thing about the Learning Bond is that families do not have to put any money in an RESP to receive the bond; you just have to have a certain net income. Learn more >
The BCTESG is a one time $1,200 provincial incentive available to children born in 2006 or later. You do not need to contribute to an RESP to receive the grant; however, there are application deadlines you need to meet in order to receive the grant. Learn more >

Grow your savings with investments that suit your goals

Term Deposits

Enjoy guaranteed returns and the knowledge that your deposit is 100% protected.

Mutual Funds

Benefit from diversified growth with a professionally managed investment portfolio.

Invest with expert advice

Let our team of local experts walk you through your investment options and create a plan that suits your needs.

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Invest on your own

Prefer to manage your own investments? Our award-winning trading platform makes buying, selling and rebalancing easy.

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Ready to open an account?

Let our team help you get started.
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Build healthy financial habits early

Opening a savings account can help youth earn interest on their savings while building healthy financial habits.

Save for retirement

Whether your retirement is now or some far-off tomorrow, make the most of your investments with our registered plans. 

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Try our investment calculators

See how you’re progressing against your financial goals with our easy-to-use calculators.


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