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Service Fees

Effective August 1, 2023
Account Closed (within 90 days)


Accounts Closed (after 90 days)          


Accounts Closed to Dormant (18 months)   


Dormant Accounts (monthly)


Registered Product Transfer Out (per contract)


Ordering Cheques


Printing Cheques In-Branch

$3.00/sheet1 + GST

Bank Confirmation $25.00/min. + GST
Bullion Bars, Coins, Large Cash Orders     Contact branch
Chargeback $7.00
Collection Item (incoming or outgoing) $25.00
Drafts Foreign/USD  Cost
Drafts - Stop Payment   $25.00
Office Cheques $10.00
Estate Registered Plans (not paid out in year after DOD) $200/year
Letters $20.00
NSF Item $48.00
Post-Dated Item Handling $5.00
Rejected item $5.00
Replacement Chip Card (one free per year) $5.00
Research/Trace $15min/$30hr
Stop Payments $10.00
Unauthorized Overdraft/Exceeding line of credit2 $5.00
Cover Delinquent Loan Payments     $8.00
Cover Overdrafts (Manual)     $7.00
Cover Overdrafts (System) $5.00
Out of Equity Shares $1.50
Phone/Fax/Email Request $5.00
Electronic Statements     Free
Paper Statement   $2.00
Statement Reprinting $5.00
1 Personal/Business cheques must be printed by the sheet. Minimum of one sheet.
2 Interest rate is 24.00% for exceeding lines of credit limit and accounts.
3 Paper statement fee is waived for youth (18 years and younger) and classic members (60 years and older).
Cash Request (coin or notes)   Contact branch4
Change of Signor $25.00
Night Deposit Annual $40.00 + GST
0 - 99

$0.35/bag + GST


$30.00 + GST

3+ bundles of 100

$25.00/bundle + GST

Set-Up     $250.00
Monthly  $20.00/min.5
Additional Originator IDs $75.00
Monthly Autofile $50.00
Hard Tokens $10.00/each
4 Contact your local branch for details.
5 Based on number of files/transactions per month.
Incoming6 $15.00
Outgoing6 $40.00
Surcharge for Non-Members7 $15.00
6 Fees are charged in the same currency as the account being used for the wire.
7 Surcharge for non-members is an additional cost on top of the regular fee. For the purposes of Wire Transfers, a non-member is considered to be an individual who is not a member of any Canadian credit union.
1.5" x 5" $45.00
2.5" x 5" $55.00
3.25" x 5" $65.00
2.5" x 10" $90.00
5" x 5" $90.00
5" x 10" $150.00
7" x 10" $215.00
10" x 10" $255.00
Safety Deposit Box Drilling Cost + $25.00
Safety Deposit box Replacement Key $20.00
Members 60 years of age and older receive a $5.00 discount on any Safety Deposit Box.
*Plus taxes.

Account Service Fees

Effective August 1, 2023

The fees listed below are charged when the monthly allowable transactions are exceeded or when the type of transaction is not included in the account.
Account Service Fees
*Annual fee and service charge for the night deposit bag are charged separately.
Transactions beyond the account package included transactions will be charged as per the service fee schedule


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