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Ways to Transfer Funds

Sometimes you need more than just one account, explore these great additional services.

Explore our transfer tools

Wire Transfers

Send or receive money in a variety of currencies, safely and securely within Canada or internationally.
Sending a wire:

If you are sending a wire transfer you will need to have the following information:

  • Full name of person receiving the wire
  • The name, address, routing, and transit number of the receiving bank or financial instituion
  • If you are sending the wire internationally, additional information may be required

Once you have all the required information, call your Northern Savings branch to get started.

Receiving a wire:

If you are expecting an incoming wire you will need to provide the following information to the sender:

  • Your full name and address
  • Your banking information including: transit, financial institution number and account number. You will be able to get this information from one of your Northern Savings' cheques 

Me-To-Me Transfers

Send and receive funds between your own accounts at Northern Savings Credit Union and other Canadian financial institutions.

Features & benefits

  • Set-up transfers: daily, weekly, monthly or annually
  • Transfer Canadian funds
  • $1,000 per transaction
  • Multiple transactions can be done daily

How to register:

Before you can start to transfer between accounts, you will need to fill out the Me-To-Me transfer form:

  • Follow the instructions on the form, providing account information, a personalized cheque from your other financial institution and your authorization
  • Mail or drop-off your signed authorization form and personal void cheque to your branch
  • We will verify the proof of account and set up the link to your external account
  • Once the Me-to-Me link is established you will be able to "transfer to” and “transfer from” your external account in the Transfer Funds page found in online banking

Direct Deposit & Pre-Authorized Payments

Relax knowing your monthly bills are paid and your cheques are automatically deposited into your Northern Savings account.
Features & benefits
  • Pre-authorized debits - Never miss a payment! Allows the company to automatically debit your bank account for the amount owed to that provider.
  • Pre-authorized credits - Forget cheques! Also known as direct deposits, offers a fast and convenient way to receive your money.
How to set up

To set up direct deposit and pre-authorized payments you will need to provide the third party with the following information:

  • Account number*
  • Financial institution name and address
  • Financial institution number
  • Transit number

If you don't have any cheques, you can find your account information online: 

  • Sign in to your account through online banking
  • Click on the account you wish to set up for the deposit
  • Under “Account Activity” click on “More Details”
  • Right above the “Search Account Activity” field click on the link that says “Click here for Pre-Authorized Debit/Credit account details

Interac e-Transfer®

Send and receive money from one Canadian bank account to another, using your mobile app or online banking.
How it works
To send an Interac e-Transfer:
  1. Log into your online banking
  2. Create a profile with your email address and/or mobile phone number, if you haven’t already done so
  3. Select 'Send Interac e-Transfer' under 'Transfers'
  4. Select a recipient, or add a new recipient profile by entering the person's name or business name, plus an email address and/or mobile number
  5. Choose if the recipient will receive a notification by email and/or text message
  6. Create a security question and answer that only you and the recipient know
  7. Add an optional personal message but don't include the answer to the security question
  8. Select an account from which to make the transfer and enter the amount
  9. Send the Interac e-Transfer (your account will be debited the transfer amount immediately, plus any applicable fees)
To receive an Interac e-Transfer:
  1. Ensure the link received via email or text message is secure (the URL should start with 'https', not 'http')
  2. Click on the link and you'll be taken to a secure Interac website
  3. Follow the instructions on the site to select Northern Savings Credit Union and click 'Deposit', and you'll be redirected to our online banking login screen
  4. Log in to answer the security question and accept the transfer
  5. Select the account you wish to deposit the money into
Transaction limits
  • Per transaction: $3,000
  • Per week: $10,000
  • Per month: $20,000

Explore other banking services


CRA Direct Deposit

Get your government benefits faster.
Northern Savings members have access to the CRA Direct Deposit service, which provides the ability to simply and securely transmit direct deposit enrolment information to the CRA when you log onto online banking.

How to Access the CRA Direct Deposit Form

  • Log in to online banking (desktop only) 
  • In the left hand menu, select "Account Services"
  • In the submenu, select "Set Up CRA Direct Deposit"
  • Read the Payment Information and click "Next"
  • Select the account you would like the funds to be deposited into
  • If required, enter your Social Insurance Number
  • Check off your authorization to let Northern Savings share your banking information with the CRA for the purpose of establishing or changing direct deposit
  • Click "Next"
  • Review the information
  • Click "I Agree"

The CRA or your financial institution will never send you an email, text or Interac e-transfer to a link asking for your personal information to receive your benefit payment or refund. These are scams and taxpayers should never respond to these fraudulent communications or click on any of the links provided. If you submit multiple requests to update your direct deposit information, the most recent enrolment you complete will become the account on file with the CRA. Direct deposits will only be made into one account, at one financial institution.

Other Services

  • Money Orders
  • Office Cheques
  • Funds Transfers
  • Drafts
  • Foreign Currencies
  • Inter-branch Access

Need help setting up one of our tools?

Don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re just a call, email, or quick branch visit away when you need us.
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Keep your accounts extra cyber safe

Our digital banking has powerful security in place, but there’s also steps you can take to keep your business finances safe online.
Running a business is a lot of work. Sometimes it can seem more efficient to let one of your team take your debit card to purchase supplies or use your online banking details to make a transaction.

But, even if it’s someone you trust completely, sharing your password or PIN puts your accounts at risk, as they may not be as cautious as you are with these credentials.
Public Wi-Fi doesn’t always have the security and encryption to protect your data. This means you can’t be sure who might see what you’re doing online.

As a result, it’s best to log into your digital banking from the security of your private home network. If you’re out and about, use your cellular data plan or a Virtual Private Network (VPN) instead of Wi-Fi.
It’s important to set a unique, hard to guess password for your digital banking. That way if a password for another website is exposed, your banking will still be secure.

Here are some tips for creating a strong password:
  • Use a mix of lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols
  • Never use personal details, like birthdates and children’s names, or common words, like “password”
  • Use a string of words to create a complex phrase that’s at least 8 characters long



The digital landscape is constantly evolving, which is why providers release periodic security patches to address new changes, risks, and vulnerabilities.

So, to keep your systems secure, make sure you update your browsers, devices, and anti-virus software when these patches come out.

Looking for a place to keep your valuables safe?

Our safety deposit boxes come in a variety of sizes and are available at all of our branch locations

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