Wire Transfers

Send or receive money in a variety of currencies.

Sending a Wire Transfer

If you are sending a wire transfer you will need to have the following information:

  • Full name of person receiving the wire
  • The name, address, routing, and transit number of the receiving bank or financial instituion
  • If you are sending the wire internationally, additional information may be required

Once you have all the required information, visit your Northern Savings branch to get started. To learn more about sending a wire transfer, contact your local branch.

Receiving a Wire Transfer

If you are expecting an incoming wire you will need to provide the following information to the sender:

  • Your full name and address
  • Your banking information including: transit, financial institution number and account number. You will be able to get this information from one of your Northern Savings' cheques (if you don't have any cheques please contact your branch for your banking information)

Wire Transfer Fees

To BC & Ontario Credit Unions $14.00
To other Canadian Credit Unions $16.00
To other Financial Institutions in Canada $28.00
To Financial Institutions outside of Canada Cost+ $16.00 (min. charge of $30.00)
Incoming (CAD) Cost
Incoming (USD) Cost in USD
Surcharge for non-members* $15.00

    *Surcharge for non-members is an additional cost on top of the regular fee. For the purposes of Wire Transfers, a non-member is considered to be an individual who is not a member of any Canadian credit union.