Earthquake Insurance

There are many steps you can take to prepare for an earthquake. However, to financially protect your family and home against earthquake damage, earthquake insurance is essential. Tsunamis, landslides, earthquakes - talk to us about what insurance does and does not cover.

What Does Earthquake Insurance Cover?

Coverage for earthquake damage is not typically included in a standard home insurance policy, but it can be added on to existing coverage. 

  • Loss or damage to a policyholder’s home and belongings caused by the actual shaking of the earth
  • Additional living expenses should your home be damaged while it’s being repaired
  • Deductibles can be as low as $2,500

Disaster Financial Assistance

Following a disaster, the provincial government may declare the event eligible for Disaster Financial Assistance (DFA). Insurable damages in the private sector from wildfires, earthquakes, snow load, wind storms, sewer or sump pit back-up, water entry from above ground (including roofs, windows or other areas of the building), are NOT eligible for DFA.

Earthquake damage is insurable and therefore, will not qualify for DFA; this makes earthquake insurance your only protection against earthquake damage to your home.

Let our experienced insurance brokers review your policy to make sure you're covered.