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Business Insurance

Our wide range of business insurance options can help you protect and grow your business.

Explore our flexible business insurance solutions

General liability insurance not only covers injuries that may occur at your premises, but also protects you against lawsuits that result from the products you sell and the services you provide.
Directors can be personally financially responsible for managerial type decisions that have adverse financial consequences. Whether you are a for profit, not-for-profit, or privately held company, directors and officers liability insurance protects directors and the organization they serve.
Professional liability coverage helps to protect business owners who provide professional services including: doctors, accountants, engineers, consultants, real estate brokers. Coverages include:
  • Legal and defense costs
  • Coverage against economic or financial loss
  • Privacy failure expense
  • Employment practices
  • Errors in judgement
  • Misdiagnosis
Cyber insurance is a specialized product intended to help businesses manage losses caused by computer networking threats such as data breaches and cyber extortion.
  • Protection for your reputation and brand after a breach of your systems
  • Access to professionals who will find and repair physical damage to your systems or negotiate with hackers
  • Coverage to defend you against lawsuits from individuals impacted by your system breach
Hosting an event that requires additional coverage above and beyond your normal policy? Whether you are planning your big day, hosting a charity event, or private party, get piece of mind with special liability insurance coverage.
If your business has environmental exposure, consider an environmental impairment liability policy to protect against:
  • Accidental pollution
  • Groundwater contamination
  • Waste and chemical accidents
  • Fuel leaks
  • Exposures from above and underground tanks
Whether you are seeking coverage for a small watercraft, charter boat, or commercial vessel, our experience is put to work in analyzing your exposures and explaining your options. We will also help you with specialty risks such as extended navigation, charter activity, paid crew and live-aboard exposures.

  • Yachts, outboards, tugs & barges
  • Jet boats, jet skis & sea doos
  • Rentals, charters, & tour operators
  • Fishing guides
  • Marina property & marine cargo
With a variety of insurance companies to choose from, Northern Savings Insurance experts can find a customized solution to best suit your needs. Choose protection against fire, burglary, vandalism, riots, lightning, earthquakes, identity theft, theft, explosion or impact by vehicle, internal water damage, and accidental glass breakage. Protect assets including:

  • Buildings
  • Furnishings
  • Stocks
  • Computer systems
  • Customer goods
  • Leasehold improvements
  • Glass
  • Single items such as jewelry, antiques, and sport equipment
Business interruption insurance will replace a source of income that’s disrupted, reduced, or completely eliminated if a covered peril suspends your operations. 
  • Allows you to stay in business versus risking insolvency
  • Business owners still receive personal salaries even though business may not be generating income
  • Assistance with the costs needed to get business back up and running as soon as possible
Commercial surety bonds satisfy the security requirements of federal and/or provincial courts, government bodies, financial institutions, and private corporations and protect against financial risk. These bonds guarantee that the business or individual will comply with all required legal obligations. 

For a consumer, this means that commercial surety bonds protect against fraud, misrepresentation, and compensation of monetary loss. 

  • Court bonds: Court bonds are either judicial or fiduciary (probate) and protect against uncertainty in legal proceedings or ensure obligations, as well as court orders and applicable laws are fulfilled. 
  • Customs & excise bonds: Customs & excise bonds are required by federal or provincial governments and guarantee payment of various duties, tariffs, taxes and compliance with federal and provincial tax acts and regulations.
  • Licence and permit bonds: Required by federal, provincial and municipal governments to guarantee compliance with regulations and bylaws relating to a specific license or permit.  Examples of license and permit bonds include electrical contractors bonds, highway transportation bonds, gas permit bonds and more.
  • Lost document bonds: Required in order to obtain replacement certificates (for stock, debenture, warrant or bonds like Canada Savings Bonds), life insurance policies and other financial instruments when an individual or company loses the originals.  The bond guarantees that the issuer of the replacement security will not suffer any economic loss as a result of a duplicate instrument being issued.
A construction bond is a third party agreement in which the bonding company (surety) guarantees that a contractor will perform obligations according to the established plans and specifications of a contract.

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