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Merchant Services

Paystone, our partner for merchant services, offers 24/7 customer support. Leveraging their relationship with Elavon, Paystone will pair you with the solution that best suits your needs.

Whether your business accepts payments in person, online, or on the go, we understand the importance of seamless payments solutions to help meet the needs of your customers and support your business growth.

  • Terminals: Go wireless, countertop or smart
  • E-commerce: Accept payments online
  • POS systems: Take management to the next level
  • Virtual Terminals: Accept payments from anywhere
  • Pay at the Table: Process quicker checkouts
  • Fundraising: Increase donations through e-payments
  • Gift Card Program: Attract new customers, up your cash flow
  • Loyalty Program: Boost Customer spending

Payroll Services

We're committed to helping you improve productivity and streamline your administrative processes. Our partner, ADP offers the widest range of cost-effective, easy-to-use solutions that fit your needs.

Services include payroll, human resources management, time and labour management, occupational health and safety, comprehensive outsourcing and consulting services.

Payroll Management
Imagine – a simple, economical service that can save you time, protect you from payroll tax penalties and improve your productivity with management reports, simplified year-end administration and preparation of Records of Employment (ROEs). With ADP, you’ll spend only minutes on your payroll each pay period. All you need to do is transmit your payroll details by telephone, fax, PC or over the Internet. That’s it – ADP does the rest, including calculating, depositing, filing and reconciling your payroll taxes.

Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS)
Many companies are frequently in need of a variety of HR information. ADP's Internet and PC-based solutions give you the management and control over your HR data.

Time and Labour Management
Choose an automated time and labour management solution from ADP that enables companies to collect hours worked, apply pay policies and business rules, and then interface with ADP payroll products – complete "punch to paycheque" solutions.

Integrated Payroll and HR Solutions
ADP’s suite of fully-hosted, integrated solutions offer you the best in payroll and HR. ADP’s Performance Pack solutions include a baseline integrated HR and payroll solution with an enhanced service package and a more robust HR and payroll solution for companies with more complex needs.

Comprehensive Outsourcing Services
Comprehensive Outsourcing Services (COS) from ADP is a full-service HR, Payroll, and Benefits solution designed to help companies reduce costs, improve service levels to employees, and manage risk. With COS, ADP handles both back-office and front-office services, wrapping traditional transaction processing services in comprehensive administration and multi-tiered support.

Consulting Services
ADP offers a full range of payroll and Human Resources management consulting services including strategic planning, business process engineering, integration and implementation services and legislative compliance services.

Occupational Health and Safety Services
Take control of your workplace with a series of solutions designed to manage occupational health and safety, Workers’ Compensation and related HR policies, practices and administration.


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