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Group Benefits

A group benefit plan gives your employees access to a wide range of coverage tailored to your company’s needs while insuring your employees’ well-being.


Choose a customized plan for your business' unique needs.


Employer Benefits

Benefit plans are a great incentive for attracting quality employees. As well, there is a burden on the employer, who is not only losing productivity, but also paying for the employee's absence, and sometimes the training of replacement staff.

Additionally, these illnesses may result in the loss of the employee altogether, meaning the company loses all investment made in that individual.

Employee Benefits

Health, dental and disability issues affect us all. Financially, the hardest hit are usually families who are out-of-pocket for lost income. Unexpected health or dental issues can significantly affect your finances.

Having a benefit plan is a great way to protect your finances and the well-being of your family and yourself.

Group Benefit Plans

Supplements provincial health care plans with services such as massage, vision care, hospital care and prescription drugs.
Provides financial assistance in the event of the employee’s death.
Provides financial assistance if a tragedy occurs.
Provides protection from additional hardship if the employee’s health is threatened.
Provides income if the employee is unable to work because of injury or illness.
Provides access to accredited counseling professionals.
Allows benefit funds to be used for services or product that the plan doesn’t fully cover.

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