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Due to staffing shortages, our Masset and Daajing Giids branches will be closed for lunch from 12:30pm to 1:30pm until further notice.

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Membership Share Cleanup

Beginning July 10, our team will be consolidating multiple share accounts for members who have more than one Membership Share account. This change will affect around 100 members. Moving forward, members will notice one Membership Share account with a consolidated balance.  
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Service Alert - Upcoming Insurance Closure Notice

Our Masset insurance office will be closed on Saturday, July 27.
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Voice Phishing Alert - Central 1

Our partner, Central 1, has recently identified vishing calls (voice phishing) where the fraudsters are using Central 1’s phone number (604-734-2511) to contact financial institutions’ members and staff.

These malicious actors falsely claim to represent financial institutions and credit unions, likely obtaining Central 1’s number through online search. They aim to deceive customers and staff into believing they are communicating with their legitimate financial institutions, potentially extracting sensitive information or perform fraudulent activities.

If you receive a communication (call or email) that appears to be from Central 1, please contact us so we can take measures to validate the communication(s) for you.


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You could be eligible for up to $2,000 with help from The Northern Promise!

Education is expensive, but The Canada Learning Bond can help families in Northern BC save up to $2,000 for their child's education.

Applying for the Bond has never been easier! The Northern Promise team can support you with each step in the application process, answering your questions, helping you gather necessary documents, and connecting you with the right institutions to get the process going.
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We’re committed to delivering our services in a fair, transparent, and open manner to all members.

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We’re a democratically governed financial cooperative and take pride in helping our Northern community thrive.

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