Made in the North

Coast Mountain College Awards

Northern Savings Credit Union sponsors Made in the North awards for $1,000 each. The awards are given annually to assist students who are furthering their education at Coast Mountain College. Northern Savings supports four unique and innovative programs that are distinctive in design, and shaped to fit the economic, social, environmental, and cultural needs of the people and communities of the northwest region.

Applied Coastal Ecology

The Applied Coastal Ecology (ACE) program, offered at the Prince Rupert campus, is the only program of its kind in BC – a unique, community-based program, focused on the responsible management of coastal environments.

The Applied Coastal Ecology (ACE) program readies students for careers in coastal natural resources management, ecosystem restoration, environmental monitoring, and many others.

Associate Degree First Nations Studies Specialization

The First Nations Studies Specialization provides all students with the opportunity to learn about the people upon whose territory they reside, to learn about First Nations people from their voices, perspectives and worldviews, while gaining an understanding of the diversity amongst First Nations peoples' cultures, values, beliefs, traditions, protocols, history, languages, and relationship with the land.

Environmental Geo Sciences Specialization

Students will develop an understanding of Earth's related natural systems and processes.

Graduates will be well versed in atmospheric, hydrological, ecological, and geological studies and may go on to complete degrees in geography, geology or biology or may find work in a variety of fields, such as mining and mineral exploration, fisheries, wildlife and freshwater management, climate modelling and green energy production.

Associate Degree Sustainable Communities Specialization

Students will work at the intersection of nature and cities, indigenous wisdom and modern technology, permaculture, ecology and economy, helping communities, companies and nations grapple with the opportunities and threats of a rapidly changing world.

With an SCD Associate Degree, students can begin working with communities immediately or continue on to a Bachelor of Arts program at Simon Fraser University (SFU) or Royal Roads University (RRU).

How to Apply

Applications for Made in the North awards can picked up at any Coast Mountain campus.