Member Card®

In your hometown or on the other side of the globe, you can access your account anytime with your Northern Savings Member Card® debit card, equipped with Interac® Flash technology. Your Member Card enables you to pay for purchases directly from your Northern Savings account at stores, restaurants, and any other vendor that displays the Interac® Direct Payment Service Logo.


  • Withdrawals
  • Deposits (at Northern Savings' ATMs and other Canadian Credit Union ATMs)
  • Transfers
  • Balance inquiries
  • PIN changes
  • In-store purchases

How to Change Your PIN

Many credit union's allow you to change your Member Card PIN at their ATM machines; to find a location where you can change your PIN, visit THE EXCHANGE website, simply look for the following wording: "Offers PIN Changes."

Stop Paying ATM Surcharge Fees!

Cardholders have access to over 43,000 surcharge-free ATMs in North America with THE EXCHANGE Network in Canada and the Allpoint Network in the US.  Find an ATM >

How do I use Interac Flash?

  • When making a purchase in-store for up to $250, look for the Interac Flash logo on contactless terminals at check-out
  • When the terminal prompts you for payment, hold your card in front of the terminal
  • Wait for the approved message on the terminal
  • If not approved, you may need to enter your PIN to reset the tap feature

Lost or stolen debit card?

  • During regular business hours call: 1.800.330.9916 or email:
  • After hours support call: 1.888.277.1043