Me-to-Me Transfer

Me-to-Me Transfer* enables you to send and receive funds between your accounts at Northern Savings Credit Union and accounts you have at other Canadian financial institutions.


  • Set-up transfers: daily, weekly, monthly, or annually
  • Transfer Canadian funds


  • $1,000 per transaction
  • Multiple transactions can be done daily
Contact your branch for more details on your limits


Sending a Me-to-Me Transfer Receiving a Me-to-Me Transfer
Varies by account type. Check out our fees> Free

How to register

Before you can start to transfer between accounts, you will need to fill out the Me-To-Me transfer form: download the form now>

  • Follow the instructions on the form, providing account information, a personalized cheque from your other financial institution and your authorization
  • Mail or drop-off your signed authorization form and personal void cheque to your branch
  • We will verify the proof of account and set up the link to your external account
  • Once the Me-to-Me link is established you will be able to "transfer to” and “transfer from” your external account in the Transfer Funds page found in online banking
*Not available for Small Business Online Banking or USD funds.