180-Day TFSA Term Deposit

Earn 2.75%

  • For new TFSA contributions to Northern Savings
  • Minimum of $100

18 Month Term Deposit

Earn 1.65%

  • Available as non-registered, RRSP, RIF, or TFSA
  • Minimum of $100

36 Month Term Deposit

Earn 2.10%

  • Available as non-registered, RRSP, RIF, or TFSA
  • Minimum of $100

Don't miss the RRSP deadline - the last day to make your 2019 contribution is March 2, 2020

Making your money work for you has never been easier.

If you can't afford to contribute a large amount to an RRSP or TFSA at the end of the tax year, don't worry. By starting with just a small monthly contribution now, you'll position yourself to have a more secure future.

  • Consider setting up a savings plan that deducts a monthly or biweekly amount from your paycheque or your account

A little short on cash?

An RRSP or TFSA loan could be the ideal solution! Heard of borrowing to invest? When done right, this smart approach can really boost your savings.

  • Repayment options from 1 to 5 years
  • Delay payments for up to 90 days
  • Repay whole or part of the loan at any time with no penalty
  • Minimum loan amount $1,000

Investing can benefit more than just you.

Did you know we offer responsible investments that can help you prosper while the environment thrives?

Don't have time to make your contribution?

If you have an RRSP savings account already set up with us, you can just transfer your contribution directly from your account to your RRSP savings account online. Then contact us when you have time to go over your investment options.

*180-day TFSA term is applicable to new funds only. Some restrictions apply. Rates are subject to change without notice. Rates shown are calculated on a per annum basis.
    *Assuming interest compounds annually at an interest rate of 8%.