Our alerts feature provides an additional layer of protection on your online banking account. Alerts can be sent to your mobile device via text message or to your email account. To help safeguard your account, we recommend that all online/mobile banking users set up this free feature.

The following types of alerts are available:

Personal Access Code (PAC) Changed

This alert notifies you that your online PAC has been changed.

Security Tip: If a fraudster manages to get into your account and changes your login credentials, you will be notified.

Online Banking Account Locked

This alert notifies you that access to online banking has been locked because the number of attempts to sing in exceeding the number allowed.

Security Tip: If fraudsters attempt access your account and are unsuccessful due to password fails, you will be notified.

New Bill Payment Vendor

This alert notifies you when a new bill payment vendor account is added to your online banking account.

Security Tip: Often Fraudsters will set up a new bill such as a credit card and transfer funds from your account to this new vendor as a way to take funds.

Enhanced Personal Message (EPM)

This is an alert that notifies you when you have received an enhanced personal message in online banking from Northern Savings.

Interac e-Transfer Recipient

This alert notifies you when a new Interac e-Transfer recipient has been added.

Security Tip: Fraudsters will use Interac e-Transfers to send money to themselves from hacked bank accounts.

Keep Your Account Safe!

There has never been a better time to sign up for security alerts...