Crystal Cabin

Founded over 25 years ago in Haida Gwaii by the Dutheil family of jewelers, artists and crystal lovers, Crystal Cabin curates a local and international selection of crystals, gemstone jewelry and Haida art in the heart of Haida Gwaii.

Local Committment

Crystal Cabin is committed to the creation of local lapidary and jewelry products as well as showcasing the work of Haida artists.


Visit Crystal Cabin for expertise in:

  • Agate identification
  • Geological history of the Islands
  • Metaphysical and healing properties of crystals

Local Products

From Serenity Stone to Argillite, every product purchased supports the sustainability of Haida Gwaii's island economy.

  • Jewelry pendants, earrings, and necklaces
  • Lapidary art
  • Haida jewelry and carvings

Founder: Dutes Dutheil

As a young child, Dutes Dutheil was drawn to stones and the art of jewelry making. At the age of 12, he began cutting and polishing stones with his father. In the years that followed he discovered the healing properties of crystals and gems, which furthered his interest in the earth’s geology.

Dutes arrived on Haida Gwaii in 1970 and lived on North Beach and then the wild West Coast at North Island (Langara). Later moving to the community of Tlell where he bought a rugged piece of land and transformed it into an art gallery and gift shop, Crystal Cabin.

Tlell Stone Circle 15th Anniversary

Explore Haida Gwaii’s geological past right from the property of the Crystal Cabin. Arranged in an energy circle, the Tlell Stone Circle features ancient specimens from 62 million years ago, including volcanic rock, drusy quartz, thunder eggs, clamshell fossils and petrified wood. This circle marks the intersection of two harmonic leylines and an energy portal, allowing visitors to access light and connect to the higher vibrations of these islands.
This summer Crystal Cabin celebrates the 15th anniversary of the Tlell Stone Circle with an amazing celebration! Sign up for Crystal Cabin's newsletter for event details!

Where to Find Them

778A Richardson Road
Tlell BC
Phone: 250.557.4383

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