Potential Canada Post Strike

September 20, 2018

In the event of a Canada Post strike, mail delivery of your Northern Savings statements, renewal notices, new Collabria credit cards, and any other Northern Savings’ letters or notices may be disrupted.

All member/customer mail will be held in a secured location during the work disruption. We will attempt to use alternate methods of delivery where possible such as: email, telephone and fax for items such as mortgage and insurance renewal notices.

Northern Savings Credit Union

If you are still receiving mailed paper statements, you can access your statement electronically through our online banking website, or on our Mobile Banking App for iPhone or Android. Alternatively, if you have a low-volume of transaction activity, you can review your account activity using our telephone banking system by calling 1.844.778.4133. For those members who do not have access to our electronic services, please contact your branch for assistance.

Northern Savings Insurance

All policies will continue to be processed; however, we encourage clients to check with us or their broker to ensure you are aware of your policy expiry date. If your policy is expiring during the work disruption, please confirm instructions with your broker to avoid any lapse in coverage.

There will be no change to the process for ICBC transactions; you must visit Northern Savings Insurance Services in person.

Northern Savings Financial Services

Should the Canada Post strike occur and you need an investment statement, our Financial Services team can print off, email, or fax you a copy of your statement.