Cybersecurity Recommendations

Cybersecurity Recommendations - Keeping your computer safe from ransomware attacks

Over the past week, organizations and individuals across the globe have been experiencing the impact of a new type of cybersecurity attack known as ransomware. Ransomware is a new form of exploiting security vulnerabilities in which computers’ files are locked and controlled by an external program. The attackers demand a ransom fee to regain access and control of your computer files.

Northern Savings has been working with our technology partners and IT department, ensuring that our corporate servers and files are fully protected. We are taking every measure and recommendations provided by cybersecurity experts. The security of your information is our utmost priority.

Our security advisers recommend taking every precaution as we expect to experience more fraudulent activity than normal over the next few days. We strongly suggest you update your personal computer to the latest release of security patches and antivirus.

One of the areas most vulnerable during these types of events is your email address. Attackers try to maximize the impact by sending series of emails targeting corporate users with requests for action. Either providing login credentials, authorizing transactions or downloading documents under suggesting subjects like “Urgent” or “Please Reply Immediately”. In most cases, the originating email addresses look like valid email addresses, but if you look closely, you can tell the difference.

One of the key strategies is to register email addresses with a missing or extra letter in the name. Other forms of spoofing include replacing letters with numbers or registering fake domains with similar grammar.

If you receive any email over the next few days with an unusual subject line, we recommend contacting the sender directly via telephone. If you receive an email from Northern Savings that looks suspicious please do not hesitate and contact your local branch. We will be more than happy to look at it and assist you if needed.

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