COVID 19 - Financial Assistance

We're Here to Help.

Here at Northern Savings Credit Union we understand that members may be impacted by COVID-19 from both a health and economical perspective and we're here to help. 

  • For members with mortgages and other loans, we will be offering a deferral program for a term of up to six months on a case-by-case basis 
  • Our service fee changes were postponed until September 1, 2020 (originally set to go live on April 1)
  • We launched the Canada Business Emergency Account (CEBA) application for our business members.  Learn more >
  • Following recent rate cuts from the government, we have reduced our Prime rate three times, which currently sits at 2.45%
  • As a credit union member, you receive unlimited depositor protection from the Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation of British Columbia. Learn more > 

If you are an impacted member, please call your branch or send us an email at to discuss what options are available to support you, personally.

Government Relief

We encourage members to keep up-to-date on government relief measures for those impacted by COVID-19, including the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB), at these trusted websites:

Government of Canada >
BC Government >

Get Your CRA Deposits Faster

Our members can access CRA direct deposit enrollment online through our website. Sign up now to get payments from the CRA deposited directly into your account! Learn more >

Collabria Credit Card Relief Measures

  • Emergency Temporary Credit Limit Increases
    Emergency credit limit increases to cover airfare, car rentals, food, shelter, medical supplies, medications and other expenses.
  • Increased Contactless Transaction Limits
    Increase in maximum contactless transaction limits to $250 across all merchant categories.
  • Minimum Payment Deferral
    Deferral of Minimum Payments and the Promotional Interest Rate bundle will be approved for up to 3 months at a time. Cardholders can call in after 3 months and can be extended to 6 months, if needed
  • Reduced Interest Rate of 10.9%
    Cardholders will have their interest rate reduced to 10.9% for up to 6 months when cardholders contact Collabria and request financial relief due to COVID-19 impacts.
    Note: Reduced Interest Rate and Minimum Payment Deferrals are provided as a bundled relief measure to cardholders.
  • Balance Transfers
    Provides members the ability to consolidate higher interest rate loans and credit card balance.
    1) Low Rate Product Acquisition Program: 3.9% balance transfer for 6 months on new accounts.
    2) 5.9% Balance Transfers for a period of 6 months for all cardholders
  • Discontinued Outbound Collections Calls
    Collection agencies will continue to provide support on a case by case basis for all inbound calls, however outbound collection calls have been paused.
For further information, please visit: or call Cardholder Services Contact Centre at: 1.855.341.4643.