Banking System Conversion

Thank you to our members and employees for getting us through a successful conversion!

Need online banking assistance? Call our technical support line at 1.855.801.5770 or send us an email at

e-Statement Notification

Members who receive e-Statements and have a valid email on file with us, will now receive an email notification from when your e-Statement is ready for review.

If you have any concerns about the legitimacy of the message, please do not use the embedded links and use instead the official Northern Savings Credit Union website at to access your e-Statement.

If you do not wish to receive these notifications, simply select "unsubscribe" at the bottom of the message or email us at

Check Out Our How-To Videos

Our Banking System Conversion videos will provide you with tips on how to prepare before and after the conversion. Please ensure to watch the videos that apply to you!


Here are a few common questions we have been asked by our members. If you have a question that isn't listed, please reach out to us at, we're here to help!

Why are you making these changes and why now? Expand/Collapse

We know it's an inconvenience to go through these changes; however, our new system will allow us to provide better service and keep your information even more secure.

We chose a system that provides us with a great platform to continue to build on and provide you with the new features you expect now and in the future.

Will there be any changes to service fees or account packages? Expand/Collapse

Effective November 19, 2021, there will be some minor changes to some of our service fees and account packages. Please check out the changes here >

My mortgage, property taxes, etc. come out automatically. Is this all going to be lost? Expand/Collapse

You can expect to have no changes to your automatic payments.  Everything you have set up will convert and continue to be debited from your accounts.

Why is my loan/mortgage payment showing as $0 in online banking? Expand/Collapse

Our new system will show a payment three days prior to the payment due date, until then, the payment amount will appear as $0.

Why is my Share account showing a $0 balance? Expand/Collapse

Each member will now have their own unique Share account. If you notice that your Share has a zero dollar balance, it is likely because you are a joint account holder and Shares were previously held jointly. We will contact you in the near future about adding your Share requirement.

Do I have to do anything about my payroll, Canada Pension and OAS that are deposited automatically every month? Expand/Collapse

There will be no changes to your direct deposits, including pensions and payrolls.  All automatic direct deposits will continue to be deposited to your accounts as they are today.

Why are you moving to Member Card (debit card) PAN login? Expand/Collapse

We understand that this change is an inconvenience, however, moving from member number to PAN login, provides each member with a unique way to access their accounts, which delivers an extra layer of security.

PAN login is not unique to Northern Savings, in fact most financial institutions have implemented login using debit card. 

We hope you enjoy the benefits that come with PAN login such as being able to see all your single and joint owned accounts in one view.

What if I have multiple Member Cards, which one do I use to log in to online banking? Expand/Collapse

If you have more than one personal Northern Savings Member Card (debit card), any of your cards should work to log in to online banking. However, if you use different cards to login, you will need to set up Increased Authentication (your three security questions and answers) for each card.

If you have a business Member Card, you will use that card to access your business account.

Is there a way I can memorize my Member Card on online banking so I don't need to input it each time I access online/mobile banking? Expand/Collapse

Yes! You can choose to memorize your account on online banking, or on our app, this will allow you to only input your Access Code when accessing online banking in the future.

You simply need to check the "Memorize Account" button at the bottom of the login box.

Will my membership number change? Expand/Collapse

This may be a different member number than you are used to, don’t be alarmed, some members received new membership numbers as part of the banking system conversion.

How do I find historical transactions and cheque images after the conversion? Expand/Collapse

Your historical transactions, including cheque images can be found in your e-Statements found on our full online banking site.

Are there any services that won't be available after conversion? Expand/Collapse

Text banking, ePost, and USD Me-to-Me transfers will no longer be offered after the conversion. It has been determined that these services are either not being used at all, or being used by a very small percentage of our membership, with usage continuing to decline over the years. Learn more >

Are there any new services that will be available after conversion? Expand/Collapse

Yes! We have added the ability to delete same day bill payments made through online banking, as well as the ability to perform online transfers between your Canadian and US dollar accounts.

Are there changes to loan/mortgage payments? Expand/Collapse

Loan and mortgage payments are now debited out of your account in the early morning. If funds are not available, our system will attempt to take the payment later in the day.

MemberDirect Small Business

In addition to the changes noted above for Online Banking, MemberDirect Small Business (MDSB) users will need to reset delegates and consolidate accounts (if applicable).

To do this log in to online banking and navigate to Business Services on the left hand side, select “Manage Consolidated Accounts” or “Add/Modify Delegates”.