Banking System Conversion

At Northern Savings Credit Union, we aim to deliver the best possible service experience to you, our members. That is why we are investing in a new banking system, which will go live this November.

The new system will modernize and simplify banking, allowing our employees to spend more time doing what they do best – helping you achieve financial wellness.

Our primary goal is to keep you informed and minimize impact on you. We will communicate regularly and through a variety of channels as we progress through the project. This website page will be used to host a number of communications, so please check back here regularly throughout the year.

ePost & Text Banking to Retire

Text Banking and ePost will be removed from our product offerings on November 19, 2021, members can continue to use these services until then.


During conversion weekend online/mobile banking will be unavailable. Please ensure you are prepared! Stay tuned for more information!

What Won't Change

Most of our system changes will happen behind the scenes, which means a lot of your banking will stay the same.

Account Nicknames Expand/Collapse

To ensure you can easily identify your accounts after the upgrade, we recommend that you rename them using a nickname that is meaningful to you, such as “Vacation Fund”. You can do this by going to “My Accounts” and clicking “Rename an Account.” We recommend doing this for accounts you are joint on as well – such as a child’s account.

Debit & Credit Cards Expand/Collapse

Your existing Northern Savings Debit Card(s) and Collabria Credit Card(s) will continue to work as they do today. In fact, after our conversion, you will use the PAN on the front of your Northern Savings Member Card Debit Card to login to online banking.

Pre-Authorized Payments & Direct Deposit Expand/Collapse

Your pre-authorized payments and any direct deposits you have set up will continue to be processed as they are today.

Bill Payees Expand/Collapse

Any bill payees you have set up today will be transferred to the new system. If you have a joint account, bill payees will be transferred to the primary owner on the account. If a joint owner requires the bill vendors on their account, they will need to add these through online banking or by one of our team members after conversion weekend. Send us an email at and we can help you out.

Cheques Expand/Collapse

Any existing cheques you have will continue to work after the conversion takes place.

What Will Change

There will be some changes with your online banking experience including:

Login to Online Banking Expand/Collapse

When you first login to online banking (on or after November 22), there will be some things that look different. You will need to use your Member Card debit card PAN number (the 19-digit number on the front of your card) rather than your member number and branch to login.

If you don’t have a Member Card debit card and currently have access to online banking, you will receive a 16-digit Secure Login ID number in the mail, which you will use to login to your accounts through online banking.

Your Personal Access Code (PAC) will also be changing. We will be mailing you a temporary PAC, if you have not received your temporary PAC by November 12, please email us at and we can assist you.

Account Activity History Expand/Collapse

When selecting “Account Activity” you will notice that there are no transactions in your history, don’t be alarmed! Our new system is not transferring previous transactional history to online/mobile banking, be assured that you can view historical transactions by accessing your e-Statements, found under the following path > My Accounts > View e-Statements. If you require a printed statement, reach out to your branch and we can print one off for you or send us an email at

Account Summary View Expand/Collapse

When you launch your “Account Summary” page you may notice both your single-owned accounts and joint accounts now appear in one view. If you prefer not to have all these accounts in one view, please reach out to us after November 22 by email at: and we will update your view.

Interac e-Transfers Expand/Collapse

During conversion weekend, e-Transfer sending and receiving functionality won’t be available. With that in mind, we recommend that you finalize any important transfers by November 18 or organize them for after November 22. There are also a few features that will need to be reset in online and mobile banking after the conversion:

  • Recipient List – Your e-Transfer recipient list won’t carry forward with the upgrade. Ensure you can easily recreate it, please note down or screenshot each recipient’s email address, mobile number and the security question you use with them.
  • Autodeposit - In advance of our banking system conversion, you must deregister from Autodeposit. If you do not deregister, there will be issues with receiving e-Transfers after the conversion. After the upgrade, you'll need to reset your Autodeposit information in order to continue to receive e-Transfers without answering security questions.

Alerts Expand/Collapse

After conversion weekend you will need to reset your security Alerts. To do this go to: Messages and Alerts > Manage Alerts and then set up the Alerts you wish to add.

Update Your Contact Information

We will be sending members communications regarding how the banking system conversion will impact them through email, mail, and messages through online banking.

Help us keep you informed by ensuring we have your current contact information! You can update your information through online banking.

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