Security Updates

Northern Savings uses a variety of security measures to protect your financial information when banking online. We continue to update our security measures as new technology becomes available.

In 2019, our members can expect a few changes to the online banking sign-in. The first change occurred on February 11 and was the implementation of reCAPTCHA. The second change will happen April 8. All members will need to update their online banking PACs (personal access codes/passwords).

Our team is here to help

If you have any questions, please contact your branch.

PAC Updates

In April 2019, all members will be required to update their online PACs.

The first time you login to online banking on or after April 8, you will receive a notification to update your PAC. More information has been provided to our members through our secure online messaging.

Our branch staff will be available via phone until 7pm on April 8 to help members with any PAC related questions. Please call your branch should you require assistance >

Below are some FAQs regarding this change.

Why are members being asked to create a new password? Expand/Collapse

The new password requirements are far more robust and exponentially decrease the chances of a fraudster guessing a password.

How will I change my password? Expand/Collapse

During the login process, you will be prompted to change your password. This will involve inputting your existing personal access code (PAC) and then inputting your new password twice.

What if I encounter issues changing my password? Expand/Collapse

Your branch is just a phone call away and our team will be able to assist you in changing your password.

What are the new password requirements? Expand/Collapse

The new password requirements will be presented when you log in to the online banking platform.

Can I delay changing my password? Expand/Collapse

The safety and security of your online banking profile is top priority and thus you will not be able to delay changing your password.

Does this apply to both business and personal accounts? Expand/Collapse

Yes, both business and personal accounts will require an updated password.

What if I use the consolidated function for my small business? Expand/Collapse

If you use the consolidated account function in MemberDirect Small Business, the PAC for the consolidated account will need to be updated within your small business account using the Account Consolidation Manager.

In order to do this:
  1. Log into the personal (or other business) account you’ve consolidated to your business account.
  2. Update the password on the consolidated personal (or other business) account.
  3. Log back into the small business account and click on the Notification Message stating that, “the consolidated account cannot be viewed at this time”.
  4. In the Account Consolidation Manager click “Update PAC” and input the updated password for the consolidated account and press “Submit”.
  5. On the Update PAC - Confirm screen press “Confirm”.
  6. Click on My Accounts to view the consolidated account.

What if I use the ‘delegates’ function for my small business? Expand/Collapse

If you use the delegates function you will need to log into the business account and reset your PAC before your delegates will be able to successfully log in. To do this:

  1. Log into your business account.
  2. Change your own PAC when you get the message to do so.
  3. Navigate to the Delegate Manager by clicking on “Business Services” then click on “Add/Modify Delegates”.
  4. Check the Delegate Status if it is “Active” you do not need to do anything further.
  5. If the Delegate Status is “Inactive” click “Edit” for each delegate and change the Delegate Status to “Active” and press “Submit” at the bottom of the page.
  6. On the “Edit Delegate – Confirm” page then click “Submit” again.

My delegate for MDSB is having trouble logging in what do I do? Expand/Collapse

If the delegate attempts to log in before the Authorized Signer does, they may be presented with a Change PAC screen and unable to get beyond it. The Authorized Signer must log in before the delegate attempts to log in.

reCAPTCHA - NOW LIVE - February 11

reCAPTCHA is intended to protect our website from spam and abuse. As spammers and fraudsters have become more sophisticated, protecting our website from automated attacks has too.


How does reCAPTCHA work? Expand/Collapse

In many cases, fraudsters use ‘bots’ to attempt login to online banking sites in an automated fashion. The use of bots allows them to test a high volume of accounts with little effort.

How often will I see reCAPTCHA? Expand/Collapse

In many cases our legitimate members will not see these images and will be allowed to log in right away. However, from time-to-time especially if you are logging in on a different device or computer, you may be presented with the reCAPTCHA images.